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Winter Weddings at Mitton Hall

My first wedding of 2023, a wedding venue that I always love to return to Mitton hall is a stunning hotel located in the heart of the Ribble Valley just outside of Whalley Lancashire.

when i arrived at Mitton Hall, I was immediately struck by the warm and welcoming atmosphere. The staff and wedding design company had done an amazing job decorating the venue, with twinkling fairy lights, and an abundance of candles creating a cosy and intimate ambience. The couple’s white and blue colour scheme was evident in every detail, from the delicate blue and white floral arrangements arch to the bride’s stunning white dress with intricate detail.

The ceremony

As the ceremony began, all eyes were on the bride as she made her grand entrance. But the couple’s pet dog had other plans, and as soon as he saw his owners, he ran up the aisle, wagging his tail with excitement. The ceremony was a beautiful and emotional affair, with heartfelt vows, But it was also full of laughter, as the couple exchanged jokes and playful banter throughout.

After the ceremony, we went outside to photograph the confetti photo and group family portraits, where the fun and laughter continued. Speeches got well underway Davids’s best men took centre stage and had the room in stitches telling some funny stories about David when he was younger.

Congratulations to Amanda & David and Thank You for allowing me to capture your Beautiful Wedding at Mitton Hall Hotel Wedding Venue

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